Cake Flavours


Our Classic vanilla sponges are a very popular option for Wedding cakes and Celebration Cakes. Popular fillings requested are vanilla butter cream only or strawberry conserve  and butter cream. You can also have a chocolate butter cream filling if not lemon curd filling or  may be even a Salted Caramel filling. It is your cake and you can ask for the filling you like! 


Our lush Chocolate sponges are popular among all age group. Filling can be your preference, buttercream only(vanilla or chocolate), Jam and Buttercream, Salted caramel are a few options some of my lovely clients wants.


Lemon  Cake and Lemon curd filling goes well together. Some prefer buttrcream only filling or lemon buttercream filling too

Red Velvet

Red Velvet sponges  with buttercream only filling or cream cheese filling.

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel Cakes would be delicious  with salted caramel filling or buttercream only filling.


Coconut Sponges are a popular option for weddings or milestone birthdays. Coconut buttercream filling or Jam and buttercream filling would be a good combination.

Cake Flavours by wedding cake maker in london


Pistachio Cakes are made with ground pistachio nuts,. Popular fillings are pistachio flavoured butter cream  or Rose flavoured butter cream. This cake is not suitable for severe nut allergy sufferers 

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