Cake Size and Price

Our cake price depends on the final design and the size. You can message Saneeha with all the details and she will be able to give you a price. Below is a price guide.


We have a minimum order of £110

A 6″ diameter one tier cake with four layers and  three fillings  will start from £140. A cake of this size will give up to 20-25 coffee portions. The cake will be 7-8″ tall.

Two tier cakes start from £195, each tier will be three layers of cake and two fillings

Cup Cakes start from £3 each

Cake pops from £3.50 each

Cakesicles from £5.50 each

Cookies from £3.50 each

Cup cake bouquet from £65

What are Coffee portions?

Coffee portions

For a three layer cake, a coffee portion will be similar to the size above 1″x1″x5.5-6″(depth of the cake) or 1″*2″ *2.5-3″ for two layers. Approximately 5 cubic inches

WhatsApp me for more cake info